Gaining visibility of all assets

Real-time indoor positioning with factoryworkx

Knowing where assets and material are reduces negative impacts on operations. Dynamic proximity specific content speeds up decision making and resolution times. Identification of movement and usage patterns allow economic utilization and planning of preventive maintenance measures to improve uptime.

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    Bluetooth Low Energy infrastructure indoor positioning.

    Beacon line and BLE beacons enable indoor positioning of assets like racks, tools, forklifts, etc. within a building.

    BLE IIoT sensors can be added to broadcast sensor data via beacon line. Beacons can refer to proximity content of any kind to nearby devices.

Utilize factoryworkx Software as a Service with smart Bluetooth Low Energy IIoT mesh infrastructure to track any kind of assets. Analyze movement and proximity patterns with local machine learning and cloud analytics capability.

Gain visibility of indoor position of assets in real-time is allowing allow analysis of utilization and movement patterns of any assets. Show dynamic proximity specific content when needed on mobile devices with one click.